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  • We've had high maintenance (with congenital health and allergy issues) and low maintenance dogs. We sought out the best for our high maintenance hound, and signed up our low maintenance gal too. The team at Hawk's Prairie is top notch. Capable, knowledgeable, user friendly - especially to the hounds (my frame of reference) but to their people too. We use the Holistic Center, Dr Kim Martin's domain, where we know top notch alternative therapies are integrated with superb classical veterinary training. Net net -- We wouldn't go anywhere else. We're sure there are fine providers at other clinics, but we have full confidence in the Hawk's Prairie team. And as I said, we wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Griffen Samples

  • Our sweet little Beagle was having some health issues and we were going through the difficult time of trying to let go. Dr. Kim Martin got us in the day we called to ask for a second opinion, even though we pretty much knew with her age and health problems what the outcome would be and how much heartache would come with it for us. Dr. Martin was SO sweet & kind to our little dog, and comforted her and kept kissing her on the head. She spent quite a bit of time, patiently explaining everything to us, and said that whichever option we chose, she was not judging us in any way, and she would do what we felt best. Anyone who has gone thru this with a pet that they really love can understand how difficult this is. However, Dr. Martin was so good with her and so kind and understanding with us, that at least we have the memory of our girl going into a peaceful sleep surrounded with her family who loved her so much, and with an empathetic, kind-hearted and gentle vet, who we will always be so grateful to for all she did. Thank-you so much, Dr. Martin.

    John-Linda Harris

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