Emergency Hospitals

Here is a list of emergency hospitals in western Washington area.

When your pet is ill or injured, you want only to help them feel better.  We feel the same. While we wish we could provide care for every pet in need, there are times our doctors and hospital have reached the limits of the care we can provide.  When this happens, we unfortunately need to direct you to contact one of the animal ERs in the area.

We’ve put together a list of emergency hospitals in Western WA and the Portland area, for your convenience.  This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of the hospitals listed. But we hope it helps you in finding a facility to provide the care your pet needs.

We recommend calling any ER in advance, to determine if they are able to see your pet, and to get a rough idea of waiting times.

~The Staff at Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital

Emergency Clinics_Western WA_ Hawks Prairie